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From a great idea to a growing business

At McGovern & Associates we build the practical process and systems architecture required for your business to scale.
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About us

Africa is a center of innovation

The difference between success and failure is often about the nuts and bolts of the business – the scalability of the value chain, the quality of backend data systems, the creation of support departments.

We create the systems that allow your business to thrive.

HOw we work

We believe in a human-centered-design approach to systems creation

We approach each project in three steps.

We interview senior staff, middle managers, and frontline executors to understand their roles, challenges, and needs. We review existing documentation and processes to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

We shadow your team in the field to see how they work and interact with customers and beneficiaries. We draw on our own technical, industry, and start-up expertise to evaluate the current situation and propose solutions.

Drawing on our expertise, we design and refine policies, processes, SOPs, and data systems. We create the full suite of deliverables needed to run that system, department, or business unit.

We train your managers and your team, incorporate feedback, and iterate as necessary until the system serves you and your customers well.

Industries and Services

We help your business grow

These are customized solutions that get your value chain and backend departments ready for scale.

If your organization is interested in a longer-term engagement, we recommend starting with a systems audit. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization before offering solutions.

Our Partners